"Men are on a Spiritual Quest that many don’t even know they are on, this is where their heart yearns for a Warrior Spirit."

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I PERSONALLY want to work with you to be the Man (LEADER) you are meant to be, rather than accept the shadow of manhood that society tries to label you as. Now is the time to move on from the failures of your past, and embrace the true divine nature that’s buried in your heart.

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NOT $497 per month

ONLY $147 per month

Lifetime Risk FREE Guarantee

Many problems in this world can be contributed to a failure in MANHOOD.

It's time to fully understand how to honor your wife, while being a protector to your family.

And understand the importance of what it really means to be a Man.

It's not about how much money you make, how many women you've slept with, how physically strong you are, nor how successful you've become.

It's about knowing at your core that God is the source of true masculinity.

God created you to be a Powerful LEADER, and that starts with the Freedom Council..


Every man lives for three things: a battle to fight; an adventure to pursue; and a beauty to rescue.

 Men need to embrace masculinity instead of apologizing for it.

It's time to wake up and stop trying to fit into a neat mold of what men are supposed to be like, men have been asked to be nice to the point that men lose their ability to be a MAN.

This type of behavior is self-defeating for us men and eventually leads to our unhappiness, then the unhappiness of our women and our families.

We are in a WAR, and everyday is our opportunity to get in on the adventure of what it truly means to LIVE a powerful LIFE...

Many cultures do not allow MEN the freedom to be who we really are.

Many good men have lost the power and grit the legendary men of the past known so well.

You need to understand this, God and Man share many traits including a sense of adventure...

In the constraints of the worlds stereotype we lose our passion, we become dull, boring, and lukewarm.

You don’t need to ask what the world needs of you, you need to ask yourself what makes you come alive, because the world needs more Men that come alive.

God is not dull or boring and we are created in His image.

Nothing He does is halfhearted, nothing you do should be halfhearted.

God loves you so much more than you can possibly comprehend and He has dreams and plans for you that will make you happier and more satisfied than anything else possibly could.

It's time to step into who you were created to be!

God is in us and we are in God.

Since we have been made in His image we are not limited to just "love" and "understanding" (which is important).

God made the lightening, lions, earthquakes, thunder... And, yes, MEN, too.

We are looked down upon for being masculine ("It's not very NICE!").

Further, the church often depicts Christ as skinny, long-haired wimp.

He was a carpenter (A MANS MAN) who could withstand total rejection, false accusations, brutal beatings and being hung on the cross for three hours (most men "boo hoo" about having colds...)

I am not implying AT ALL that we should be domineering, angry, abusive, and over-powering or the like.

God is a tender warrior, and we should be the same.

But if you're idea of being "A MAN" is to withdrawal in front of the T.V. while drinking beer and belting out orders...

Then you're missing it, too.

Many MEN have died for their country, saved lives, reared masculine sons and feminine daughters and been bold warriors for the kingdom on God.

We are on a Spiritual Quest that many don’t even know we are on, this is where our hearts yearn for a Warrior Spirit.

And this is WHY the Freedom Council was created...

If you have read this far then I know you are ready to enter the Freedom Council...

We are kindred Spirits...

Just know I am waiting on the other side with open arms, ready to accept you into the Tribe.

But I'm going to WARN YOU...

You need to be ready for LIFE changing results, NOW, In 2023, and Beyond...

Things will not be the same, It's time that a new standard is set in your life...

And today is that day!

Your Friend,
Steve Weatherford


Lifetime Risk FREE Guarantee 

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“I’ve had the privilege to be in some great rooms with world class coaches and leaders. Steve is in a class all his own.

Steve’s coaching adds tremendous value, but one of his special distinctive's is that he attracts some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

You won’t just find a great mentor and coach in Steve, through this network you’ll make some of the best friends you’ve ever had!”

Pastor - Elevate Life Church

Josh Craft

"I have always been a “tribe” kind of guy who has been exposed to some amazing leadership with my time as a Marine and in Elite Specialized Units in Law Enforcement. I consider myself an authority on leadership. That being said, Steve Weatherford will take whatever standard you have set for a “Leader” and raise it to a level you have never experienced.

Whether it be Man Academy, Upgrade Your Human or simply having lunch with Steve, you will find him to be a powerful, joyful and encouraging leader. It’s in his bones, it’s authentic, it’s who he is. He does so boldly and in every area as a Business Owner, a Father, Husband and a Champion for God. He does it with consistency and boldness in every area, 24/7.

Steve Weatherford has forever impacted the trajectory of my Family’s legacy. Whether you're considering his 1 on 1 Coaching, Man Academy, Upgrade Your Human or hearing him speak at an event, the answer is YES. Do it, it will change your life. I’ve done them all and they continue to change mine each time.”

President at ICYRO Dallas Texas

Travis Ála

Lifetime Risk FREE Guarantee

NOT $497 per month ONLY $147 per month

Meet steve weatherford

Since his days in the NFL, Steve Weatherford has spent time as an entrepreneur and high performance business coach while mentoring 7 to 9 figure business owners. Steve puts God first and solely gives the glory aka success to doing things God's way. He's a loving husband and a caring father who puts his family above business. Steve believes that your business is here to serve you, not the other way around.

There's only a handful of players that have managed to beat Tom Brady in the history books. One such player is Steve Weatherford, who played against him and came out on top in February of 2008. Steve had his careers best game when the New York Giants topple the New England Patriots in one of the biggest Super bowl upsets ever. Steve was also awarded the fittest man in the NFL and that was a big deal because Steve's position was a kicker. As you could imagine not many kickers are winning the fittest man in the NFL award.

Weatherford is a philanthropist who's work includes being an ambassador for several charities and organizations, including Rush The Punter and Kicks For Kids. Steve was named Health & Fitness Coach Of The Year at Wellness International Schools hosting more than 80,000 students each year through its' program that promotes fitness among kids in New Jersey while serving as mentor/role model to them all.

Steve has a passion for helping Men come back to the power that God has given them. To work with Steve one-on-one it's an investment most people can't make. Steve knows his time is valuable and wanted to impact more MEN, leading them into their God Given Authority with a TRUE Kingdom Mindset. He is currently coaching celebrities, 7-9 figure business owners, and now his mentorship is available to you!

This is why the Freedom Council was born!! Steve wanted a way to impact more Men like YOU...

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